Domestic Air India Flights Soon To Have Free Wi-Fi When Onboard

Domestic Air India Flights Soon To Have Free Wi-Fi When Onboard

You stay connected to your devices even when flying. In India, Air India (AI) plans to provide Wi-Fi when flying. This new provision in the flights may play after June that only when within the country.

Domestic Air India Flights Soon To Have Free Wi-Fi When Onboard

Air India, for now, plans to provide this service in its Airbus A-320 planes, which are currently one of the main domestic planes. According to Air India Chief, Ashwani Lohani, the Wi-Fi equipment will be installed in the planes only after the aircraft manufacturer’s approval. Though the speed and data quantity are not specified, AI still plans to work on having Wi-Fi installed in the planes. Once this free Wi-Fi concept works in the Air India flights, it is for sure set to encourage the others to follow the suit.

At the start, AI plans to provide free data pack to its passengers, which can later be converted into a paid data pack concept depending on the data usage rate. During the free data pack usage, the passengers can send and receive SMS, emails, and check Whatsapp. The data pack volume may be increased depending on the passenger’s demand.

The major Gulf country carrier planes offer 10MB free data pack, which the passengers can use for accessing Whatsapp, Facebook, send and receive emails and SMS. If needed, the flyers can pay cash to stay connected to the Wi-Fi till the end of their journey. The prices vary based on the volume and time. However, the volume-based data pack is valid only when purchased for the specific flight. The unlimited time-based data pack can sum up to about Rs 1175 or Rs 1400 depending on the network service provider.

As per the analysts, these data packs are proving to be one of the best sources of income for the aircraft businesses. Air India is going to be the first of its kind to provide Wi-Fi connectivity when on board. The International flights will have to keep their network services off if they have no local servers in the Indian ground.

Looking at this recent advancement in the field of Internet accessibility, AI plans to leave no stone unturned.

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