How to Prevent DDos Attack

How to Prevent DDos Attack

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks is one of the major types of attacks that are taking place all over the world. Hence, it has become a matter of concern and steps to avoid this should be taken as soon as possible. Hackers also prefer this attack as it is cost effective. Below are some tips to avoid the DDoS attack.

How to Prevent DDos Attack

Buy more bandwidth

One of the simplest methods is to make sure that you have ample bandwidth. This will help to fight back and win many low-scale DDoS attacks. But how does more bandwidth help? Let us explain you. Basically, DDoS attack is nothing but a simple game of capacity. Hence, if you have more bandwidth, the less the traffic it will cause. And, the low the traffic, the less is the chance of the DDoS attack to affect.

Opt for DDoS Mitigation Services

Different Internet service providers have different capacity to toggle the DDoS attack. Hence, you should look for those Internet service providers who have the maximum capacity to kick back a DDoS attack with ease. Normally, you should search for that Internet service provider which is having the largest protection against DDoS attacks.

Restricted Connectivity

Normally, all your devices are connected to the Internet. Hence, the best solution is to configure your routers properly and install firewalls so the intruders can have certain limit to the connectivity. For instance, if you are receiving data from a person, you can enable the traffic to pass from the device only on a couple of selected ports such as POP, HTTP, SMTP, and others.

So friends, now that you know how to avoid a DDoS attack, get ready and configure your PC as mentioned above. Also, do let us know if these tips were helpful by commenting below.

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