IIT Students Roll out Young Innovators’ Program

IIT Students Roll out Young Innovators’ Program

Undergraduates from IIT Kharagpur are organizing an all “over the country” competition on tech innovations for young inventors from schools.

The YIP (Young Innovators’ Program) is a marketplace to promote youth minds from the 8th and the 10th standards with technical mission and motivate them to ideate new solutions of technical confronts presently encountered in the world.

IIT Students Roll out Young Innovators’ Program

The contest will be wrapping main segments such as agriculture, energy, environment, food sciences, product designing, hardware modeling, and BioTech, a spokesperson form IIT-KGP claimed to the media in an interview.

The contest has 3 rounds. While suggestions from almost 250 groups including 600 candidates from all over the country were taken into consideration for valuation, 60 groups were enlisted for the 2nd round on the basis of the concept note prepared by the students for the project.

In the 2nd round, the candidates will be displaying thorough project rundown on the basis of which selection for the last round will be carried out.

“We are shocked to witness how candidates have utilized their technical knowledge to impose these for real-life issue and emerge with technical propositions such as gadget for individuals with disabilities, automatic writing pen, horticultural therapy of sewage, agricultural drone, as well as drying agent cooler for CFC emission,” a 4th year candidate from the Relations and Branding Cell, Debanjan Nayak, claimed to the media in an interview. Relations and Branding Cell is a student team carrying out this contest.

The last round is planned to be held next month at the campus of IIT Kharagpur.

The finalists will receive the chance to showcase their proposals in front of eminent scientists from amid the alumni and faculty of the institute.

The finalists might be needed to prepare a sample to show their proposed solutions and ideas to the taken up issue.

“The groups that are able to present an achievable and lucid demonstration of their innovations might take away the awards,” Souvik Bhowmik, one more student from IIT-KGP of the organizing team, claimed to the media in an interview.

Associate Dean at IIT-KGP, Professor Baidurya Bhattacharya, claimed, “The main aim of IIT Kharagpur is to shape interest of every student for research, right from the beginning.”

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