Instagram Now Allows To Save Live Videos

Instagram Now Allows To Save Live Videos

The most popular app for sharing and uploading pics Instagram has come up with a new feature. The Facebook-owned Instagram has launched a new feature that is capable of saving live videos.

Instagram Now Allows To Save Live Videos

Earlier, when the users used to go live, the app would notify other users through a pop up notification. The video used to disappear after a while. But now, you will be able to save this video. But the disappearing thing will remain intact even though the new update allows to save live video.

“You’ll have the option to download your video that goes live in your phone when the broadcast ends. This update gives you the flexibility to watch your videos later. Live videos will continue to disappear from the app when you’re done as they used to do before,” declared the company in a blog.

With this update, Instagram now sits in the list of apps that have similar videos. These apps include Facebook with Live and Twitter with Periscope. The feature of Live video was launched by Instagram in November 2016.

How to save your live broadcast videos?

Once you are done with the live broadcast, click on the Save option. This option is available on the upper right corner of the screen. After clicking this option, the app will automatically save your video on your device. The one drawback is that the video is not saved with the comments and like that it had while the actual broadcast.

This feature has been rolled out for Android as well as iOS users. The update will take the app to version 10.12.

Many updates were made to Instagram and the most recent one included uploading more than one pic and video at a time. With each update, the users are getting excited and the expectations are rising day by day.

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