Know the tale behind the celebration of Janmashtami

It is quite evident that India is a land of festivals and almost every month has one major festival. And now, on August 14, everybody is excited to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna, Janmashtami. As per the Hindu Lunar calendar, Lord Krishna is said to born on the 8th day at midnight in the holy month, Shravana. The tale of the birth of Lord Krishna and his victory over enemies are the most loved tales and are often narrated among devotees on such special occasions. There is a ritual followed on this day by bathing baby Krishna with honey, water, & milk, and then dress him in new clothes.

As everyone knows that the Mathura Kingdom was under misery & peril in King Kansa’s rule. His sister, Princess Devaki, was married to Vasudev, but soon after knowing that the 8th son of Devaki and Vasudev will be the reason for his death, King Kansa threw them both in prison. He mercilessly killed all the 6 children given birth by Devaki during all those years. However, the 7th child was said to be mystically transferred to the Princess Rohini’s womb—who was notified to be miscarried—who grew up to be Balram—Lord Krishna’s elder brother.

Vasudev, during Lord Krishna’s birth, was directed by the Gods and took the baby to the house of Yashoda and Nanda in Vrindavan. It was a night of heavy downpour and frightening thunderstorm. But Vasudev did not stop holding Krishna in a basket on his head, braving the choppy river and storm. The God of Snakes, Shesh Nag, also gently mounted from behind to shelter Krishna from the rains.

When Vasudev reached Nanda’s house, he kept his son and went back with Nanda’s daughter to present her to King Kansa hoping that he would not harm her as the prediction had mentioned the “8th son.” But the cruel Kansa held the girl and strived to fling her against a rock, but then she rose to be a form of Goddess Durga who warned him about his demise. And years later, Lord Krishna defeated Kansa and once again, Mathura was re-established as a happy kingdom.

So, let’s celebrate this Janmashtami with all our hearts and triumph over all our bad habits and rise above our weaknesses.

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