Renault–Nissan declares e-car venture with Dongfeng

Renault–Nissan declares e-car venture with Dongfeng

Nissan and Renault, the famous automakers, claim that they will design electric vehicles with a state-owned associate from China, adding to a range of tie-ups amid local associates and global auto brands in the largest market for electric vehicle.

Dongfeng Motor Corp., the renowned business enterprise, plans to design a car on the basis of an SUV platform shared by Nissan and Renault, the firms declared this week to the media in a conference. Production of this car is scheduled to start in 2019. Automakers all over the world are spending heavily to design electric cars for China, answering to increasing need and pressure of government on the industry to pace up development of the tech.

Renault–Nissan declares e-car venture with Dongfeng

Planners from China view electrics as a pledging industry and an approach to clean up cities that are choked with smog. They have backed trades with subsidies to vendors, while a planned quota system will need automakers to meet goals for electric car production or purchase credits from contestants in order to do that. Trades of gasoline-electric hybrids and pure-electric in China elevated 50% to 336,000 vehicles in previous year as compared to 2015, contributing for 40% of worldwide demand. Sales in the U.S. totaled to 159,620.

Nissan Motor Corp. and Renault SA have a broad-ranging association to share production and technology, which also comprises Mitsubishi Motors Corp. and has more restricted connections with different auto brands. Dongfeng amasses cars for Kia, Nissan, and other foreign companies and has a share of PSA Peugeot Citroen of France. “The founding of the fresh joint venture with Dongfeng verifies our mutual pledge to design competitive electric cars for the market of China,” claimed CEO and chairman of the Renault–Nissan grouping, Carlos Ghosn, to the media in a statement.

Ford Motor Co. declared last week that it was planning at rolling out a possible electric vehicle company with a partner in China. Volkswagen AG, General Motors Co., and other companies also have declared plans to make electric cars in China. Well, let us see as to how much of these news come true and how much of them remain a rumor.

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