‘Smart’ Bone Growth Stimulation Receives FDA Approval

‘Smart’ Bone Growth Stimulation Receives FDA Approval

Orthofix Biostem developed CervicalStim and SpinalStim bone growth stimulator for enhancing easier bone fusion in orthopedic patients. It’s a non-invasive device that uses low-level pulsed electromagnetic fields and also has a smart technology installed in it called “Stim onTrack” that transmits real-time compliance data to the concerned physician and also help the patients comply with their therapy through constant reminders and updates.

‘Smart’ Bone Growth Stimulation Receives FDA Approval

The external bone growth stimulator devices have to be used as prescribed may be for two to nine hours a day for three months. It is a less invasive method used where the implants or external medication have failed.

The CervicalStim developed in 2004 is the only FDA-approved treatment that is non-invasive or adjunctive used for cervical fusion. The SpinalStim developed in 1990 has been approved by the FDA device that treats lumbar fusion or spinal problems through non-surgical treatment. It has features that improve the device fit or their use. The real-time data of the patient is directly transmitted to the physicians and the patients are updated about their therapy with the help of applications for the mobile devices that can be downloaded free of cost from ITunes.

According to James Ryaby, chief scientific officer at Orthofix BioStim, the patients can recover fast if they follow the prescriptions correctly and the mobile app keeps the patients updated about their therapy, and also the data transmitted to physicians can help in improving post-surgical care.

Orthofix BioStim President Brad Niemann said that the company aims mainly to improve the recovery experience. The bone growth stimulator market will grow and expand tremendously by 2025 due to increasing medication cost and sport medication demand.

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