Spotify Builds Streaming Lead at 60 Million Users

Spotify Builds Streaming Lead at 60 Million Users

Spotify this week claimed that it had 60 Million paying users, extending its lead in the world of music streaming, which is growing swiftly. The Swedish firm has user base more than 2 times of Apple Music, the nearest competitor that said it had 27 Million users in early June.

Apple Music, on the other hand, gained its expansion rapidly as it was rolled out only 2 Years back by the tech major. Spotify was started in 2008 and was spread in 60 nations. It gave the numbers in its first update from March, when it had declared that it had 50 Million users. The company in June claimed that it had over 140 Million overall subscribers. This means most of the people often listen on its advertising-backed and free tier, which is contentious with many artists.

Spotify Builds Streaming Lead at 60 Million Users

The next contestant to Spotify is Deezer, which is based in Paris and is particularly strong in the continent of Europe. Deezer in January 2016 said that it had 6 Million paying users. Additional streaming websites comprise rap mogul Jay-Z’s Tidal. It is a service rolled out in 2016 by Amazon, the retail giant. Rhapsody, the early streaming site, is also another streaming website and has rebranded itself as Napster.

Most of the music industry watchers anticipate streaming to keep developing sharply, with the user numbers a small part of the possible worldwide market. Streaming has assisted the music business profit 2 years of plenteous growth after long stagnation, even though artists often inquire how much of the revenue comes back to them.

Speaking of the Apple Music, recently Apple released a new upgrade for its music app on Android. The music app for Android, Apple Music, has gone through a significant design transform. This transform is much similar to the iOS app. The 2.0 version of the Apple Music Android comes with simplicity and better clarity to Apple Music with elements that are same to the ones launched with the iOS 10. The app for Android has been upgraded with big headers for particular segments and easy access to music that is downloaded for offline playback.

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