Tikee—A time-Lapse Camera, Powered by Solar Energy

Photography needs lots of patience and dedication to find a perfect shot. Time-lapse photography is an excellent concept to reveal the world and capture some gorgeous frames per second of any random landscape, high mountains, and various animals’ lifecycle.

Tikee—A time-Lapse Camera, Powered by Solar Energy

But the cameras used for time lapse photography need a constant power supply as the projects are long lasting. The photographer also faces complications in terms of data transmission and data integration.

But now there’s no need to worry about the power issues, as Enlaps, the camera maker has come up with its new time lapse camera named as Tikee camera.

The company just raised $250K of funding by IndieGoGo campaign for this extra efficient camera production.

The Tikee camera has been designed in two variants and the regular model is powered by the solar energy. It comes with two lenses to support the ultra-wide 220-degree angle. The camera is enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity in the regular version. On the other hand, pro variant is equipped with 4G feature and GPS connectivity. This specific feature has eased the data transmission process that has been captured by the camera. As the camera is widely used in wild areas and terrain regions, it is intentionally built to resist the harsh climate. Thus, the camera is fully water as well as weather proof.

The company has also been focusing on developing a mechanism that can be easy to assemble and edit the lapsed videos.

Both the variants will be ready to ship by April, at a cost of $750 for the regular and $900 for pro edition.

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