What? India Experienced 36.6 Million Data Breaches In 2016

What? India Experienced 36.6 Million Data Breaches In 2016

You are very well aware of data breach and to what extend it is harmful to us in every possible way. Right? Do you know how many data breach incidences took place in 2016? About 36.6 Million data records were imperiled in India itself in almost 33 data breaches in 2016. According to a report, this is a 14% increase as compared with the year 2015. As per the Gemalto’s ‘Breach Level Index (BLI)’, the illicit access to financial data and identity theft were the major type of data breaches, which accounted for 73% of the overall data thefts. Gemalto is a global digital security firm.

According to Jason Hart—Gemalto’s Chief Technology Officer for Data Protection and Vice President—the BLI emphasizes 4 main cyber criminal vogues of the year 2016. Hackers are focusing on using wider net and further are opting for effortlessly achievable account and identity data to start with the theft of high-value targets.

The Breach Level Index is very well known as a global database, which tracks the number of data breach incidences and further measures the severity of the breach on the basis of various dimensions. Hart further commented that fraudsters are even shifting their focus from financial organizations to sensitive huge databases such as social media and entertainment sites for their attacks.

Amongst all the sectors, the technology sector was the most affected one having the highest number of data breaches in the year 2016. Next was the healthcare sector contributing for 28% of the data breaches, which is 11% increase as compared to the year 2015.

In the list of data breaches and as far as the top 10 incidences are considered, 34 million people from Kerala were the victims of the data leak specifically of sensitive data such as name, income, date of birth, and so on. Banking sector was also affected by the data breach and hence as a preventive step SBI blocked millions of the debit cards in 2016.

To conclude the discussion, friends you have to be extra careful when it comes to the sensitive information, which when compromised can cause a huge loss to you. Be careful, be safe.

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